Midget Screw Extractor
Used for knocking out stripped or stubborn screws eliminating the need for drilling. Compact size works well with today's smaller frame styles. 1 unit
Universal Measuring Disc
Use the Universal Measuring Disc to easily find what screw to use. Measures frame screw hole sizes from 1.0mm to2.2mm
Suction Mounted Swivel Vise
Feataures non-marring rubber padded jaws and full 360 degrees of rotation. 1 unit
Midget Screw Extractor - Screw Pin Replacement
Screw Pin Replacement for Midget Screw Extractor (#6215145). 1 unit
Circumference Measure
Easily size lenses in seconds. 1 unit
Wide Throat Lens Thickness Caliper
Has the clearance needed for measuring around just about any lens blank or frame. Stainless Steel and Brass. 1 unit
Wide Throat Lens Thickness Caliper - Replacement Tips
Replacement tips for Wide Throat Lens Thickness Caliper (#6649022). 1 pair
Universal Nut Driver
Grips virtually any nut or fastener! Push in the plunger at the back to spread the jaws, place over the nut and release for a...
Tool Rack
Professional looking tool holder for your public work space. Space to hold pliers and screwdrivers. Five swing-out drawers for screws. 1 unit
Magnetic Screw Pad
For use on the workbbench area to help prevent screws and small parts from bouncing. 12" x 15". 1 pad
Lens Clock (Ball Tip Measure)
  A great easy to use lens clock at a great price! 1 unit
Digital Vernier Caliper - 100mm
Digital read-out makes precise measurements a breeze! 1 unit
Deburring Tool
Remove burrs from cut screws without damaging the frame or lens. 1 tool
Deburring Tool Replacement Tip
Remove burrs from cut screws without damaging the frame or lens.
Circumference Measure - Replacement Tape
Replacement tape for Circumference Measure (#6641000). 1 unit
6" Stainless Steel PD Ruler
High quality PD ruler. 6" length Clear accurate measurements 1 unit
6" Clear PD Ruler - 12 Rulers Pack
High quality PD ruler.6" length Clear accurate measurements1 unit = 12 Rulers
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